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Transform Your Space: Create an Inviting Bar and Entertainment Area for Family and Friends

Updated: Jun 3

Are you dreaming of a stylish and welcoming bar and entertainment area where you can host family and friends? With a few thoughtful upgrades, you can turn an ordinary space into a stunning and functional gathering spot. Let’s walk through the process together, step by step, to create a beautiful and inviting bar area that will impress everyone.

Inviting bar and entertainment area for family and friends

Step A: Setting the Foundation

First things first, let's prepare the main area wall and island/sitting area. Begin by removing the existing drywall from the background wall. Next, install framing blocks where you envision placing the TV bracket and floating shelves. For the island or sitting area, set up framing and drywall.

Once that’s done, mark the spots on the floor and lower wall where the cabinets and appliances will go. Run wiring for under and over the floating shelves, the island’s pendant lights, and wall receptacles. Finally, install 1/2" cement sheets on the wall to ensure a sturdy base.

Weight bearing blocks
Marked walking through and cabinet area
Installing cement sheet for the stone installation

Step B: Adding Character with Stone and Drywall

Now, it’s time to bring in some character. Ensure the sitting area has corner beads for a clean drywall finish. Install stone grids on the sitting area’s walls—this can be on drywall or cement sheets. Use proper mortar (thin-set) with polymer to secure the stones on three sides of the sitting area.

Finish the hollow or inside sections of the bar with drywall, then prime and paint them. Install stones on the back wall, which should have cement sheets already in place. This will give your bar area a solid and stylish look.

Installing stone for the island area

Step C: Installing Cabinets and Shelves

With the groundwork laid, it’s time to bring in the cabinets and shelves. Secure the cabinets into their designated spots. For the floating shelves, use 3/8" thick metal screws—two for small shelves and at least three for longer ones. Attach the TV bracket to the stone wall, ensuring it connects to the weight-bearing blocks behind.

Installing floating sheleves and cabinets in previously determines areas

Step D: Bringing Warmth with Finishing Touches

Let’s add some warmth and functionality to the space. Install pendant lights above the island to create a cozy atmosphere. Place butcher block countertops for a touch of rustic charm. Attach the TV to its bracket and connect all necessary wiring.

Install butchers block countertops

Step E: Perfecting the Details

The finishing touches make all the difference. Sand and stain the butcher block countertops, then apply polyurethane for a smooth finish. Lightly sand again after drying and reapply the polyurethane for extra protection. Install lights under or over the shelves to enhance the ambiance.

Place and connect your appliances, then install matching handles on cabinet doors and drawers. These small details tie everything together beautifully.

Install shelves lights and handles
Final product for the bar / entertainment area for friends and family

The Final Reveal: Your Gorgeous Bar and Entertainment Area!

And just like that, you have a stunning, inviting bar and entertainment area perfect for hosting family and friends. Imagine the joy and excitement of gathering in this beautifully transformed space. Ready to get started on your own project? Let’s create a place where memories are made, one step at a time!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your renovation journey. We're here to help turn your vision into reality!

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